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Kwa Matangazo na mambo mbalimbali & Wasiliana Nami

Jan 30, 2016

Dalili kwamba uko vizuri tofauti na unavyofikiri….


#1 You saw today

Life is not a right, but a privilege. If you were able to see the sun set last night, and wake up this morning to see the sun rise, you're doing better you probably think.

#2 You had breakfast

There are millions of people who didn't have breakfast today, and to make matters worse, they aren't sure of dinner. If you had something to eat this morning, you might be doing better than you think.

#3 You have a roof over your head

There are people living under bridges, and in refugee camps, and in all kinds of squalor. But here you are, having a place to call home. You are doing just fine.

#4 You have hope

Hope is what makes us want to keep living. If you have hope of a better tomorrow, and believe that you will achieve your goals, despite what is happening today, then, you are doing just fine. There is every reason to be thankful.

#5 You have clothes

You may not look as dapper as you want right now, but having something to hide your underclothes in, is a reason to be thankful. That you didn't have much trouble finding something to wear today shows that you're faring better than you think.

#6 You have someone to talk to

A shoulder to cry on, ears to listen to you talk, and a heart to love, are gifts. Be grateful. You're doing better than you think, because there are people roaming the streets without friends and relatives.

#7 You can work

You have hands to work, a brain to think, legs to walk, etc., then you are OK. That dream job may not be there right now, but you have enough to get you by.

#8 You can help others

If there's someone you can feed, clothe, or help in one way or the other, it means you are better than them. Nobody has it all, so to have enough and to spare means that you are faring better than you think.

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